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Anti-aging device for home use beauty machine


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microcurrent, multifunction facial machine

Hydration operation: – Through high-pressure jet technology, 6.5 bar of air pressure is used to blast into nanometer small molecules, and various nutrients are injected into the skin arachnoid layer in a non-invasive manner at a speed of 220 meters per second.

Bionic clip:-The physical promotion technology can activate the metabolism of the cells, and the live clip realizes the “pinch” massage to awaken the skin active substances, stimulate the collagen production, the elastic fibers and the hyaluronic acid to produce the skin, make the skin firmer, stimulate the muscles through the micro current

RF:-The heat generated by the radio frequency penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, sweeps through the surface of the skin without trauma and reaches the skin, causing the phase water resonance of the polar water molecules in the fascia layer. The friction of the water molecules generates heat about 60-65 degrees, and the energy of the SMAS fascia is uniformly heated. Collagen regeneration and recombination,
Integrated head: Through the combination of negative pressure and radio frequency, the suction of negative pressure contacts the skin in the form of a surface to infiltrate the heat generated by radio frequency into the bottom layer of the skin, strengthen the microcirculation in the body to accelerate metabolism, eliminate facial hypertrophy, promote the effect of deep toxin discharge.

Cooling hammer: Through the physiological action of 3-5 degrees Celsius, it can improve skin problems, calming and soothing, shrinking poresand eliminating edema.

Warranty: 1-2 Years


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