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Ems Muscle Stimulator Kegel pelvic floor muscle exerciser


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  • Ems Muscle Stimulator Kegel pelvic floor muscle exerciser Incontinence repair ems chair Ems Pelvic Floor
  • Recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence
    pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy can effectively prevent PFD
    game-based biofeedback training to improve active training compliance
  • non-invasive assessment and guidance
    use scene is not limited
    protect personal privacy
    Objective measurement
    high-precision pressure sensing technology, dual-channel sensor to collect pelvic floor muscle pressure
    Intelligent personalization
    analysis history to customize the best personalized training program in the future
    Training objectives are clear, matching future growth
    system supervision, develop habits
  • Vaginal, Pelvic floor muscles
  • warranty: 1 year


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