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New 5 In 1 Professional Skin Tighten – Rejuvenation Hyperbaric Jet Oxygenated Therapy


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Dome Facial Machine

Pigment Removal, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover, Hair Removal

Benefits of our Oxygen Machine:

√ This device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.

√ Save time: each treatment lasts about 15-25 mins

√ Instant Visual Result after treatment.

The dome that Bluetooth operates for customized sound effects for your client’s unforgettable experience.

√ Normalize the sebum secretion, clean and detoxify skin.

√ Reduce acne and aging dark spot.

√ Shrink pores, reduce redness, swelling, pains and bruise etc.

√ Revitalize and regenerate the different skin layers, generate collagen and cellular organization.

√ Fight the fine lines and aging winkles caused by free radical.

Facial thermal therapy enables the skin tissue to absorb a large amount of heat energy, promotes collagen contraction and regeneration, and combines oxygen spray and atomization to introduce essence and moisture into the skin so that the skin can better absorb it;
It uses electronic compression separation technology to generate high-concentration oxygen, and the technically designed multi-functional high oxygen LED dome can perform oxygen therapy on the skin and hair.

Red light 605-700nm Anti-winkle mode

Promote collagen production , whiten pale spot, tender skin , anti-winkle, repair damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles.

Green light 500-560nm Balance Skin model

Effective in neutralizing, balancing and calming skin .It can reduce skin oil secretion and balance the water and oil of your skin.

Blue light 450-480nm Acne Eraser mode

Suppress inflammation, effectively remove acne and reduce pigmentation to even tone.

Yellow light 560–580nm

Increases immunity Improve the exchange of oxygen and cells, replenish energy to skin cells, decompose pigment and improve dead skin cells.

Purple light 400-435nm (blue + red light)

Combine the effect of red and blue light, which is specially used for repairing and healing acne scar.

Cyan light 560-580nm (blue +green light )

White light 480-490nm (green +blue +red light ) Tighten sagging skin

It can penetrate the skin , accelerate the metabolism of active tissue, decompose stain and improve sagging skin.


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