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Private Label Skincare Lightening fast Setting Face Mask Instant Anti-Wrinkle Serum


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  • Bionic Detoxage is an innovative antiaging cosmetic treatment particularly formulated for wrinkly skin, dehydration, dull skin, premature aging caused by pollution, smoking and unbalanced diet, wilting, uneven skin color, rugosity. Bionic Detoxage instantly reshapes the oval, moisturizes and oxygenates the skin by freeing it from toxins, instantly smooths out the wrinkles, lifts, lightens, brightens, and uniforms the complexion. For best results it’s recommended 1 session per week (or every 10 days for particularly delicate skin) for a total of 8 treatments. DO NOT USE any other exfoliants or peelings for the whole duration of the treatment, it’s not advisable to use tanning lamps. Do not take sauna or steam room sessions for 2 days after each treatment. Moisturize the skin daily at home. To be performed on healthy skin only. Do not use it during pregnancy. paraben free, mineral oil free, allergen free, cruelty free. Removal of toxins from the skin caused by pollution and smoking.
  • Instant filling of the wrinkles, instant brightening of the skin
  • Instant firming of the skin, instant and deep skin hydration


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